RSAC CISO Boot Camp 2023

I’m humbled to be brought back as a panel speaker at the CISO Boot Camp. I was involved in designing and ended up MC’ing the first two CISO Boot Camps (2019 and 2020).

Unfortunately, COVID took the wind from the sails from 2021 and 2022 but now, in partnership with the SANS institute the CISO Boot Camp is coming back, and will be better than ever!

About the Program

RSAC CISO Boot Camp is an invitation-only gathering of future CISOs from a broad set of organizations around the globe. This closed-door, Chatham House Rules program will deliver a unique and curated experience designed to prepare aspiring CISOs for the next step in their careers.

Launched in 2019, CISO Boot Camp is in its next iteration and is now co-designed by RSAC and SANS Institute, two leading organizations in the cybersecurity ecosystem. Delivered by experienced CISOs and industry experts, attendees can expect quality presentations, inspiring conversations, and immersive hands-on learning with live simulations to help instill the skills needed to be successful–not to mention, plenty of networking with new peers on the same career trajectory, and experts with possible mentoring opportunities.

This is a free program and attendees will receive Expo Pass access to RSAC 2023 as part of their RSAC CISO Boot Camp badge, with the opportunity to upgrade to an Expo Plus Pass or Full Conference Pass. Program size is limited to 100 participants. Attendance is limited to one year, with alumni networking opportunities to follow.


I will be participating in the kick-off panel: “Inside the Mind of a CISO” and will get to sit next to Frank Kim, Jerich Beason, and Jenny Menna while awkwardly holding a microphone.

I’m super excited and look forward to participating in such an exciting event and am truly humbled they keep bringing me back. I look forward to seeing all of you April 2023 in sunny San Francisco.

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  1. Hi Dan
    How can I apply to RSA CISO bootcamp. I have signed up for a full conference pass.
    I am in my first year as a Cyber Security Manager, even though I am an experienced IT auditor and earlier System admin, member of ISACA and ISC2. I work in an international company with around 600 employees.
    I know this is not the right way to post like this.

    Best Regards
    Bjarne Svendsen

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